Sunday, December 25, 2005

I'm Engaged.... Here's the Story

Here's the fun story of how we got engaged, for all those who are wondering...
There is a big hill by our school which is near the Mississippi River where kids go sledding whenever they can (Riverside Park for those of you from the area). Tuesday morning was my last final and Louie called me and asked me if I'd like to go sledding. Of course I went! So, we went down the hill about 6-8 times at which point I requested to take a break and make snow angels instead. After that, we went and sat on the granite wall that runs parallel to the river (where we've previously watched many sunsets) and chatted. He noticed something on my face, and had to take off his gloves to remove it. He "dropped" his gloves (though I don't really remember this particular piece, he filled me in) and I realized it was taking him an awfully long time to stand up again so I looked down at him. I realized that he was on one knee and wasn't getting up, in fact he was searching for the ring box which was snapped securely inside his coat the whole time! In shock, I simply said "you look really cute right now" and smiled what seemed like for a long time. What followed were wonderful and encouraging words and the long-dreamed of words, "will you marry me?" I said "Yes, I'd love to" in a surprisingly calm voice, due to the state of shock I was in (even though I knew the engagement was coming soon, nothing compares to the actual event). We jumped up and down in the snow, shared a few sweet moments and went home to begin the process of calling family and friends before the holidays.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

What A Great Night....

SO... Last night I was exhausted and unmotivated to do much of anything. I got called to cover the check-in table until one of the Night Supes got in and agreed (anything but doing homework sounded good). Shortly after the night supe arrived, I taught a girl how to knit, which was really fun. Then Louis came over on a surprise visit, and we decided to play games in the lobby and order a pizza (which I had a coupon to receive for FREE!). So he picked out Operation, cuz he had never played before. I picked Sorry. We started with Operation, which only had to of the pieces for "removal" - the piece of toast/bread and the wishbone. So we took turns, and then put those pieces in other slots to increase the difficulty :) That lasted maybe ten minutes. But it was funny because everytime we touched the sides of the slots and the buzzer went of, we jumped or gasped.... Then on to Sorry. Louis got like two Sorry's in a row after I had advanced some of my pieces from the home start. He had two guys in the safe zone while I still had two guys at start. The game progressed and things started to turn.... Suddenly, I looked and we were both so close to winning! We were both waiting for the 3 card to win... In the end I won, but that's not the point. It was just a great time. We ate free pizza and shared the leftovers with the people working the check-in table. And then we played a card game called Gin (which has nothing to do with drinking, by the way) and we did that for quite a while. Then my 88th wind kicked in and we started running around the lobby. Louis was chasing me and I was running away, giggling my "I'm excited and this is fun" giggle and having a grand old time (at 1:30 in the morning). To say the least, we were up late but it was an amazingly fun time, with lots of laughter and good conversation, and a much needed break from the seriousness that life sometimes has to offer...
Until next time, dear friends.

Monday, October 17, 2005

It's Already October

So, by far, I think my favorite week in the whole year is the first week or 10 days of October. The leaves are all still on the trees, but they are the most vibrant oranges and yellows and reds your heart could imagine. Every fall, the Lord takes my breath away by His beauty in the trees. (Light bulb occuring as I type...) He seems to like to remind me that it's perfectly normal to experience a lot of change in a short period of time and that it will be easiest for me if I just let Him determine how, what, when, where and how that change will occur in my life. If only it were as easy as just being a leaf on a tree, but it's a bit more complex than that. In the Bible, in John chapter 15, it talks about in detail how we are the branches on the vine of Christ. We are to abide in Him and be obedient to His commands, and that He is our true source of life and nourishment. John even records Jesus' words that we cannot do anything of eternal value without Him. I wish I were better at applying that every day, but the Lord has been faithful to remind me how much I desperately need Him for my life. He continues to bring me back to His feet in desperation and surrender asking Him to lead me and use me in whatever ways He has planned. Despite the fact that my times with Him have been far from consistant really about the last two months, He has been faithful and I'm learning even as I'm sharing His truth right now some of what He's been trying to teach me. I hope it helps you where ever you're at in the changing seasons of your life in Christ.
I love you.
In Him,

Sunday, October 2, 2005

It's Been Too Long

For those of you who don't know, I'm an RA this year which means a lot of change and responsibilities have become a part of my life the last month or so.... Life is busy and I try to remember to take care of my self. My alergies are keeping a lingering cough from a cold I had two weeks ago, but I'm healthy otherwise. I feel like I'm trying to balance a million and two things mentally, just trying to prioritize the stuff that teachers think is important versus the stuff that I think is important, like spending time with Jesus and getting enough rest. Louis is wonderful, and we made an awesome homemade dinner together on Friday and he got me some fun thoughtful gifts like my favorite chapstick and cough drops just to name a few. I can't wait for Bible study to start, the first one is this Tuesday and I've been waiting for this for like 5 months (since bible study ended in late april or early may). I'm so excited for the first seven weeks to be done, only because then a lot of my "RA projects" will have been fulfilled and I can relax a bit more :) Hooray for afternoon naps and the occasional Caribou (with a little help from a gift card from my Grandma) and all that jazz. I am so thankful for the Lord's provision and grace. I'm amazed daily that He really does care about the little things in our lives and when we are desperate for Him and cry out for Him. He always provides in ways I never would have expected. What an awesome God that has rescued me from the pit of yuck and put my feet on solid ground. I love you Jesus!
I've missed this whole blogging phenomina these last few months, and I hope you've enjoyed reading a little snippit from my life. I hope it doesn't sound as if I'm sad or not doing well, because I'm enjoying where God has me more and more as I put my trust in Him and He's really been helping me do that with His sufficient grace- which remains indescribable and unfathomable to my mind.
All I know is He is good, and I want to do everything to point my heart, my mind and the people in my life to Jesus, by seeking Him first.
Thanks for reading and God's blessings my friends!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy July

Hey Y'all!
Sorry, I have been so busy with my internship, so I haven't posted in a while, but I really enjoy my job! Life is good, my family is doing well, and Louis is wonderful. I have been getting a lot of sun (aka farmer's tans) dusting cars and keeping the car lot looking nice. I've found that it's quite enjoyable to talk to people about cars and how great it is to work in a family-run business. My dad is a workaholic it seems at times, but I honestly can't remember ever spending this much time with him in a summer ~ EVER. So that's been a blessing. He's got a contagious energy and excitement for this business he began only a few months ago. I really enjoy it. I don't know what else to say, except that I'm praying for you and I hope you are learning and growing in your relationship with the Lord. I pray that your quiet times are sweet and your heart is full of His joy and peace and love and that you're using what you've seen Him do to share that with others. Unfortunately, I haven't quite learned how to do that here at work, but God's still at work :) so that is encouraging.... As for me, He's been working on my patience and trust in Him, so it's been a good and challenging summer so far. I hope you are well.
Until next time...
In His Grip,

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

Hey all! Sorry it's been a few days. I am taking a break at work so I thought I'd update...
So here it was Friday, which I already posted about hanging out with my mom. Well Saturday, she and I had a blast. We got a ton of her "to-do's" out in the yard accomplished. Have no fear friends, I am a skilled hole-digger officially after that :) I love to garden with my mom, though. We have this fun little tradition-if you will- where we go across the street or the yard and take a few moments to bask in the beauty of our newly-accomplished feats. I must say that she and I make a great decorating and landscaping combo. "hunny, don't you think moving the berry bushes over there would be a great idea?" "yeah i do, mom, where would you like me to dig the holes?" "oh i suppose, right about here" "okay, no problem" and I dig away and she points me in the right direction and it's really fun for me to help her tiny little self out. she gets so excited when throughout the whole process and it's really quite endearing. So then we painted the bathroom this aquamarine blue which is so adorable - though my brother found it to be too girly - so my mom bought some more masculine towels to compromise. i still think it looks girly but i love it! then louis came over and we went to dinner at my fav. The Roadhouse, and chatted with my folks later in the evening. It was pretty fun just listening to my parents and watching louie's reactions to some of my dad's philosophies in life. Sunday, we went to church and just hung out at my place, had phenominal steaks with my family and enjoyed a pretty low-key day. Monday afternoon, Louis and I headed to St. Cloud where cleaning my apartment and moving the last things out resumed. He is such a great help and so much fun to be with.... :) anyways, we spent some time later in the evening at munsinger gardens and then the villa. where jill, our wonderful hostess fixed us lefsa and strawberry-orange juice blended drinks after we cleaned out and reorganized the freezer there. So much fun, sorry for the extremely long entry. but i hope you feel caught up in my life :) hope you're doing well. that's all for now my friends, God's abundant blessings to you.
I'll write again soon.
In Him,

Friday, May 27, 2005

Monster In Law

ust went to a chick flick with my mom. Can't honestly remember the last time we did that, though I'm sure it really wasn't THAT terribly long ago. For sure we've done that at least once in the last Year :) time flies when you're at college.... grateful that she's gratious. she even paid my ticket and we shared a small popcorn and pop, how cute. wasn't so sure that i even wanted to see this particular flick, but about 10 minutes in, I realized I was hooked. Pretty typical cute j-lo flick with some fun things that were different. kept my interest, which at the end of a work week- and being a blonde (just kidding)- isn't saying a whole world of a lot. but good entertainment nonetheless. would recommend it to a friend looking for a fun girly thing to do.... maybe with your mom (no that is not a your-mom joke). okay i think that's about it...
until later my friends,

God is Good

So, being the first week on the job at my internship, I am very excited that the end of the week has come. It has been a very busy and productive week, working for my dad at his car dealership. I have made many runs to target, office max, best buy and so forth. The first thing this little dealership needs is some serious organization, which some of you may know I have a sortof OCD relationship with. So I went straight to work. I have found good use of the 30-40-some-up to an hour long drive to talk to God about my friends and family and what's going on in my life. I have spent the car ride on the way to work (in my demo, which is a pretty cool bonus) praying for the day ahead of me. Just want to take this opportunity to thank the Lord for answering one particular prayer this morning. So I was thinking, pretty sure that we haven't sold a car all week, last week, dad sold 5 or so. So I said, God, I pray that we would sell at least one car today. In the car world, it's pretty tough to sell cars when it's raining cats and dogs and arms and legs.... but today we officially sold one car and delivered two cars, with one more in the works when I left for the day. God is so good. Plus, I miss Louis like crazy and I get to see him tomorrow, which makes me smile SSSSSSOOOOOOOO big and get pretty jazzed about that. Anyways, I suppose that's it. Feel free to post prayer requests, cuz I'd love to be praying for you.
In Him,