Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Campus Crusade Update

As the school year is up and running and staff and students are finding their grooves, we continue to wait on the Lord.

We have found the last year of raising support to be the source of a lot of growth for us. God has been teaching us so much and helping us to understand that He is in control, which means we don’t have to be. And we can’t be. That has been a very challenging lesson to learn.

That being said, we would like to let you know where we are at in raising support and what our situation is at the time.

We are currently in a place of great difficulty in making consistent progress on a weekly and monthly basis. Due to the economy, among other factors, we are not raising support at a level with which is projecting a reasonable finish date. Our support coach has helped us to look at our progress objectively, and in the last several months, despite hundreds of phone calls every month, we are having a hard time connecting with people.

Taking all of that into consideration with the recent “economic crisis” in our country, we are in a place where we are wondering whether we’re supposed to continue to raise support and pursue full-time ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ, or if God is calling us towards something else.

We still long to be on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and desire to minister to college students, and we also recognize that it is possible that God’s plans are different for us than we thought.

The coming weeks will be very helpful for us in determining whether or not we are “supposed to” continue or not. We are waiting to be introduced to several churches and hoping to be able to speak at some Bible Study groups in the area as well. We are hoping, praying and believing that if this is still God’s will for us, that He will fling open the gate of new fruitful referrals and new monthly support as well.

The hard part is that we’ve pretty much come to the end of the list of people we know and people we’ve been introduced to and we’re running out of people to contact. If we have no one to ask, it is hard for anyone to say yes.

So we invite you, along with us, to ask God to make clear what His plans are for us. We are confident that His plans are what is best for us, whether the plan is what we thought it was or not. We also believe that the God we serve is an AWESOME GOD and He is able to far more than anything we ask or could imagine. God can and will cause these major breakthroughs that are needed in order for us to continue, if this is still His will for us. If He has or is changing our direction, we believe that He will give us the ability and strength to continue to follow Him where ever He calls us to go.

Please join us in praying for:
* Wisdom, clarity and strength from God
* Breakthrough in whatever way would reveal His plans for us

Thank you for your prayers and support as we seek the Lord in these things,

Louie and Kate

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What makes me beautiful

An excerpt from my journal dated June 14...

what makes me beautiful? is it my eyes or smile? what about my pretty blond hair? is it my polished nails or curves? is it how my jeans fit or how i look in a swimsuit? is it how stylish i am or my jewelry? is it what i like to do in my free time or how clean my home is? what about "doing my job"? does that make me beautiful?
what about when other people tell me so - does that make it true?

you've given me beauty that far surpasses all these things. i just wish i always saw what you see when i look in the mirror or can't fit into my old jeans anymore. i want so desperately to identify with how beautiful i am because i was made by you - the Creator of this universe. Being beautiful can be expressed through some of the things the world claims, but i know the most beautiful people are beautiful because they radiate You.

Please help me grow in my awareness of your presence and cling to my identity and beauty found in You alone. Help me enjoy the way you made me, rather than to resent you for it.
Help me be ok with where i'm at right now and help me see myself through your eyes. take my self-consciousness and pity for my body shape and size and fill me with Your Truth.

Be glorified in me, that I may radiate your glory.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Worry About the Small Stuff

.... And most of it is small stuff.
Lately I've been thinking about how much other people have the potential to either make you smile or get under your skin.
I've recently encountered several situations in which I had been struggling to not let other people completely ruin my experience with something or my attitude about things.
Through a lot of processing, I realized that I was trying to micro-manage and control other people's responses, thoughts, actions and words in my own strange way. I was giving them the power to dictate whether or not I enjoy myself and enjoy life. How strange of me!
Then I realized that a lot of people tend to do that (although usually subconsciously) and end up being so frustrated by everyone else's junk or bad attitudes that they themselves become junk-carrying crabby people.
So I figured, hey, I have enough stuff to carry around on my own. Why on earth would I try to also figure out your issues? (unless of course you ask for help) Plus, doesn't the Bible say I'm not supposed to carry around my stuff anyways? I'm supposed to live in total surrender and reliance on Jesus. So what am I doing trying to carry around my own junk?
I must instead, surrender the big things, and the small things (and most of the things that distract us from God are small things).
And I encourage you to do the same :)
Here's another thing I learned from all of this: other adults are just that: adults. They are solely responsible to God for their choices, and so am I. Let them do their thing. And pray they'll encourage you to do your own thing. At the end of the day, what they do or don't do and say or don't say is between them and their Maker. Let it be.