Thursday, June 2, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

Hey all! Sorry it's been a few days. I am taking a break at work so I thought I'd update...
So here it was Friday, which I already posted about hanging out with my mom. Well Saturday, she and I had a blast. We got a ton of her "to-do's" out in the yard accomplished. Have no fear friends, I am a skilled hole-digger officially after that :) I love to garden with my mom, though. We have this fun little tradition-if you will- where we go across the street or the yard and take a few moments to bask in the beauty of our newly-accomplished feats. I must say that she and I make a great decorating and landscaping combo. "hunny, don't you think moving the berry bushes over there would be a great idea?" "yeah i do, mom, where would you like me to dig the holes?" "oh i suppose, right about here" "okay, no problem" and I dig away and she points me in the right direction and it's really fun for me to help her tiny little self out. she gets so excited when throughout the whole process and it's really quite endearing. So then we painted the bathroom this aquamarine blue which is so adorable - though my brother found it to be too girly - so my mom bought some more masculine towels to compromise. i still think it looks girly but i love it! then louis came over and we went to dinner at my fav. The Roadhouse, and chatted with my folks later in the evening. It was pretty fun just listening to my parents and watching louie's reactions to some of my dad's philosophies in life. Sunday, we went to church and just hung out at my place, had phenominal steaks with my family and enjoyed a pretty low-key day. Monday afternoon, Louis and I headed to St. Cloud where cleaning my apartment and moving the last things out resumed. He is such a great help and so much fun to be with.... :) anyways, we spent some time later in the evening at munsinger gardens and then the villa. where jill, our wonderful hostess fixed us lefsa and strawberry-orange juice blended drinks after we cleaned out and reorganized the freezer there. So much fun, sorry for the extremely long entry. but i hope you feel caught up in my life :) hope you're doing well. that's all for now my friends, God's abundant blessings to you.
I'll write again soon.
In Him,