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Monster In Law

ust went to a chick flick with my mom. Can't honestly remember the last time we did that, though I'm sure it really wasn't THAT terribly long ago. For sure we've done that at least once in the last Year :) time flies when you're at college.... grateful that she's gratious. she even paid my ticket and we shared a small popcorn and pop, how cute. wasn't so sure that i even wanted to see this particular flick, but about 10 minutes in, I realized I was hooked. Pretty typical cute j-lo flick with some fun things that were different. kept my interest, which at the end of a work week- and being a blonde (just kidding)- isn't saying a whole world of a lot. but good entertainment nonetheless. would recommend it to a friend looking for a fun girly thing to do.... maybe with your mom (no that is not a your-mom joke). okay i think that's about it...
until later my friends,

God is Good

So, being the first week on the job at my internship, I am very excited that the end of the week has come. It has been a very busy and productive week, working for my dad at his car dealership. I have made many runs to target, office max, best buy and so forth. The first thing this little dealership needs is some serious organization, which some of you may know I have a sortof OCD relationship with. So I went straight to work. I have found good use of the 30-40-some-up to an hour long drive to talk to God about my friends and family and what's going on in my life. I have spent the car ride on the way to work (in my demo, which is a pretty cool bonus) praying for the day ahead of me. Just want to take this opportunity to thank the Lord for answering one particular prayer this morning. So I was thinking, pretty sure that we haven't sold a car all week, last week, dad sold 5 or so. So I said, God, I pray that we would sell at least one car today. In the car world, it's pretty…