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Vegan Rainbow Roast Recipe

Fall is all about the changing colors, and for me, it's all about using root vegetables in creative and fun ways, too!

Here's a recipe that is family-friendly and pretty easy to put together. If you have other root vegetables you want to swap out or add in, it's a very gracious recipe and I think pretty much any combination would deliver deliciousness to you and yours.

Here's what I did, follow along if you'd like!

Cube all of the following root veggies:
4 small red potatoes - washed, not peeled
3-4 peeled carrots with ends cut off
3-4 peeled parsnips with ends cut off (these are the long white carrot-looking things you find at farmer's markets)
1 onion
3-4 small beets, peeled with ends cut off

Put together in your favorite Pyrex dish (I think I used the 1.5 Quart size), stir together with enough extra virgin olive oil to lightly coat the veggies. Season with a sprinkle of Kosher salt, stir again.

Put it in the oven at 375, with the glass lid on for 30 minutes.…