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Even though I am no where near being a mom yet, sometimes I think about the things I'll do when I am.

Do you ever see people who are such bad parents, you want to take them aside and clue them in a little? I've seen parents slap, say shut up, yell across the way "stop it" in a screeching voice. I want to say, "look, lady (or sir), what you're teaching your kid is that (insert thier behavior here) is acceptable and appropriate in this situation, and it's not. Would you like me to keep an eye on them while you catch your cool?"

Of course, they'd probably slap, say shut up, etc. to me and never come back, so I just pray for them quietly, and for their children.

But I was drifting off to sleep last night and thinking, "I wonder what the best way to respond to that is?" And I think God gave me some insight. Kids will talk back and test boundaries, always. When they test boundaries in public seems to be the most trying on parents. So, you…

Time for Transition

Why is it that when you see and feel transition on the horizon, it often feels like it will never arrive. You wait and pray in anticipation for much needed (or hesitated) change in your life. It looks like everything's ready to go, except you.

Then you start planning and banking on transition. And it's weeks or months away. Even when you know it's happening soon, it feels like forever. So you wait. And go about life as normally as possible without going into "I need this transition" tunnel vision.
You don't want to miss what's going on in "the now" but at the same time you can't wait for "then."

Then you're down to your last week before transition, whether graduations, weddings, baby showers (for other people!), job change, vacation or whatever.

You can't seem to get enough done to wrap up what you're leaving and transitioning from. And get ready to finally make the change. And prepare for "then" becom…