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Don't Worry About the Small Stuff

.... And most of it is small stuff.
Lately I've been thinking about how much other people have the potential to either make you smile or get under your skin.
I've recently encountered several situations in which I had been struggling to not let other people completely ruin my experience with something or my attitude about things.
Through a lot of processing, I realized that I was trying to micro-manage and control other people's responses, thoughts, actions and words in my own strange way. I was giving them the power to dictate whether or not I enjoy myself and enjoy life. How strange of me!
Then I realized that a lot of people tend to do that (although usually subconsciously) and end up being so frustrated by everyone else's junk or bad attitudes that they themselves become junk-carrying crabby people.
So I figured, hey, I have enough stuff to carry around on my own. Why on earth would I try to also figure out your issues? (unless of course you ask for help) Plus, does…