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It's Already October

So, by far, I think my favorite week in the whole year is the first week or 10 days of October. The leaves are all still on the trees, but they are the most vibrant oranges and yellows and reds your heart could imagine. Every fall, the Lord takes my breath away by His beauty in the trees. (Light bulb occuring as I type...) He seems to like to remind me that it's perfectly normal to experience a lot of change in a short period of time and that it will be easiest for me if I just let Him determine how, what, when, where and how that change will occur in my life. If only it were as easy as just being a leaf on a tree, but it's a bit more complex than that. In the Bible, in John chapter 15, it talks about in detail how we are the branches on the vine of Christ. We are to abide in Him and be obedient to His commands, and that He is our true source of life and nourishment. John even records Jesus' words that we cannot do anything of eternal value without Him. I wish I were bette…

It's Been Too Long

For those of you who don't know, I'm an RA this year which means a lot of change and responsibilities have become a part of my life the last month or so.... Life is busy and I try to remember to take care of my self. My alergies are keeping a lingering cough from a cold I had two weeks ago, but I'm healthy otherwise. I feel like I'm trying to balance a million and two things mentally, just trying to prioritize the stuff that teachers think is important versus the stuff that I think is important, like spending time with Jesus and getting enough rest. Louis is wonderful, and we made an awesome homemade dinner together on Friday and he got me some fun thoughtful gifts like my favorite chapstick and cough drops just to name a few. I can't wait for Bible study to start, the first one is this Tuesday and I've been waiting for this for like 5 months (since bible study ended in late april or early may). I'm so excited for the first seven weeks to be done, only beca…