Sunday, December 25, 2005

I'm Engaged.... Here's the Story

Here's the fun story of how we got engaged, for all those who are wondering...
There is a big hill by our school which is near the Mississippi River where kids go sledding whenever they can (Riverside Park for those of you from the area). Tuesday morning was my last final and Louie called me and asked me if I'd like to go sledding. Of course I went! So, we went down the hill about 6-8 times at which point I requested to take a break and make snow angels instead. After that, we went and sat on the granite wall that runs parallel to the river (where we've previously watched many sunsets) and chatted. He noticed something on my face, and had to take off his gloves to remove it. He "dropped" his gloves (though I don't really remember this particular piece, he filled me in) and I realized it was taking him an awfully long time to stand up again so I looked down at him. I realized that he was on one knee and wasn't getting up, in fact he was searching for the ring box which was snapped securely inside his coat the whole time! In shock, I simply said "you look really cute right now" and smiled what seemed like for a long time. What followed were wonderful and encouraging words and the long-dreamed of words, "will you marry me?" I said "Yes, I'd love to" in a surprisingly calm voice, due to the state of shock I was in (even though I knew the engagement was coming soon, nothing compares to the actual event). We jumped up and down in the snow, shared a few sweet moments and went home to begin the process of calling family and friends before the holidays.