Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Even though I started this journey of hunting for #ValentinesFromAbove during Lent two years ago, I still find it the most impactful, enriching and encouraging way for me to observe Lent. I already relate to the sacrifice of Christ more in this season of parenting two littles and working outside the home full-time, as well as being the only parent in our home with paid time off to cover all of the sick days, school early releases and days off from school. A lot sits on my shoulders, and that's okay, but I don't need to add to that unnecessarily. 

What I need every year during Lent is a reconnection to God's amazing, beautiful, personal
love for me; which is what fueled Christ to sacrifice Himself in our place on the cross to pay for our sins, in the first place. I need to be reminded of how well God knows me, loves me and wants to show me that He's with me all the time. I need to be shown the beauty of His creation and presence and perfect timing and plans and looking and waiting and watching helps me do that.

Looking for and recording #ValentinesFromAbove make me feel loved and seen and cherished by my loving Father in heaven. Sometimes the things that come make me laugh and sometimes they make me cry and mostly they just move me closer to my Daddy's heart. It's there I can hear and feel the rhythm of His heartbeat, feel his warm and peaceful breath on my head as I lay on His chest, and it's here that I can best hear when He whispers.

I want to invite and encourage you to try this as part of your participation in Lent, as we anticipate with hope for the return of our King and celebrate and share the Good News of all He did when He was here on earth.